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We specialize in providing anesthesia services for a wide range of surgical procedures, including neurosurgery, vascular surgery, oncosurgery, GI surgery, urosurgery, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, obstetric and gynecological surgery, cleft lip surgery, pediatric surgery, bone marrow transplant, orthopedic surgery, and maxillofacial surgery.

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One significant feature of our department is our provision of anesthesia for high-risk surgeries, encompassing kidney and liver transplants, intracranial aneurysms, abdominal aneurysms, joint replacements, and HIPEC surgeries. Additionally, we employ advanced anesthesia techniques, including low-flow anesthesia, and utilize technical assistance for comprehensive parameter monitoring. Our skilled staff excels in procedures such as epidural central and arterial lines.

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Our multidisciplinary team tailors comprehensive care plans to your unique needs, combining medical expertise, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle support for effective management of diabetes and obesity.

Benefit from advanced diagnostic tools and screenings conducted by our specialized team, ensuring accurate assessments and personalized treatment plans to address diabetes and obesity-related concerns.

Empower yourself with knowledge. Our Centre offers educational materials, workshops, and resources to help you understand and manage diabetes, promoting a proactive approach to your health.

Nutrition is key. Our experts collaborate to integrate personalized dietary guidance, ensuring that your nutritional choices align with your diabetes and obesity management goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Absolutely. Join our support programs designed to foster a sense of community and encouragement. Connect with others facing similar challenges, and let our team guide you on your journey to better health.

Our approach is holistic. We focus on sustainable weight management, combining medical interventions, lifestyle adjustments, and ongoing support to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Explore comprehensive treatment options. Bariatric surgery may be considered for certain cases, and our team will guide you through the process, discussing the potential benefits and considerations tailored to your health needs.

Take the first step towards better health by scheduling a consultation. Contact our Centre, and our friendly staff will assist you in booking an appointment with our expert team.

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