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Clinical Research

Clinical Research in Indore

 The mission of Pulse Hospital is to champion excellence in clinical research while promoting patient care and treatment. Our research activities at Pulse Hospitals are anchored by pharma-sponsored research projects, complemented by organizational initiatives, community-based intervention programs, population-based epidemiology studies, multi-center controlled clinical trials, and research training programs. Some of the objectives incorporated by our research team include:

  • Reviewing sponsored (pharma-sponsored, govt-sponsored, etc.) research proposals for feasibility and conduct at the Institute
  • Assisting investigators and providing comprehensive support for the initiation and progress of scientific and clinical research projects
  • Coordinating the functioning of committees for analytical presentation and maintaining ethics in Pulse Hospital.

Why choose Pulse Hospital?

For over a decade, our Clinical Research Department has actively engaged in phase II, III, and IV research across various medical domains, including cardiology, endocrinology (diabetes), oncology, critical care, dermatology, urology, pain management, infections, gastroenterology, nephrology, orthopedics, and more. Our team boasts experienced and GCP-trained research investigators supported by a dedicated and full-time GCP-trained research team. The department operates in a spacious work environment equipped with facilities for storage, audit, and archival of research-related activities, adhering to updated SOPs in line with national and international regulations. Our commitment to excellence is reinforced by the following technologies:

– NABL-accredited full-fledged Pulse Hospital-Laboratory, the first in Madhya Pradesh accredited for clinical pathology, hematology, biochemistry, cytology, and histopathology

– NABH-accredited Pulse-Hospital

– CDSCO registered (ECR/505/Inst/MP/2014/RR-20) and Madhya Pradesh’s first NABH accredited Institutional Ethics Committee (EC- CT- 2018-0036; July 2021-2024)

– Department of Health Research (NAITIK): Ethics Committee Registration No. EC/NEW/INST/2022/MP/0117 issued under NDCTR, 2019; valid from 1 Aug 2022 to 31 July 2027

  • Clinical trials’ phases adhere to strict protocols and are overseen by regulatory bodies ranging from the Drug Controller General of India to the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC). Our IEC comprises independent medical experts, basic medical scientists, pharmacologists, legal experts, ethicists, philosophers, social workers, theologians, and laypeople. Researchers provide periodic reports to the IEC, covering the entire conduct of the study, including tests, results, and reported side effects.
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Our dedicated Clinical Research team actively engages in a variety of studies, contributing valuable data and insights that help shape the future of medical care and treatment options.

Yes, patients can actively contribute to medical advancements by participating in our clinical trials. Learn more about opportunities to be part of groundbreaking research and potentially access innovative treatments.

Our diverse portfolio includes studies across various medical specialties, ranging from drug trials to observational research, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of medical interventions and advancements.

Patient safety is paramount. Our Clinical Research team adheres to stringent ethical standards and regulatory guidelines, ensuring that all studies are conducted with the highest level of integrity and participant well-being.

Stay informed about opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research. Our Clinical Research team provides information on ongoing trials, eligibility criteria, and potential benefits, allowing you to make an informed decision about participation.

We welcome collaboration with healthcare professionals. Whether you’re a researcher or a medical practitioner, learn about opportunities to contribute your expertise to our research initiatives, driving collective efforts for medical advancement.

Our Clinical Research initiatives have contributed to significant advancements in medical knowledge, leading to improved treatment options, better patient outcomes, and a deeper understanding of various health conditions.

Enrolling in a clinical trial is straightforward. Contact our Clinical Research team to express your interest, and they will guide you through the enrollment process, providing all necessary information and addressing any concerns.

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