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Department of Internal Medicine

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Department of Internal Medicine

We serve as the primary point of healthcare access for a diverse range of outpatient (OPD) and inpatient (IPD) individuals. Additionally, we offer referral services to facilitate seamless coordination with super-specialty services. Our singular objective is to provide exceptional healthcare to all patients visiting the hospital.

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We boast a team of five highly skilled physicians with extensive experience in treating diverse patient subgroups. Supported by super-specialty services, they consistently deliver top-notch healthcare whenever needed. Serving as true ambassadors of our motto, ‘Inspiring Health,’ our physicians actively engage in a range of preventive and curative clinical interventions. To ensure the delivery of superior healthcare services, we employ advanced technical equipment and modern procedures. Our facilities include a 24/7 NABL Approved Lab, a proficient critical care services department, ambulance services, and various diagnostic services like Radiology, Dietetics, and Physiotherapy, among others.

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From chronic diseases to acute illnesses, our Internal Medicine specialists are equipped to address a broad spectrum of medical conditions, providing expertise in the management of complex health issues.

Yes, you can. Our Department of Internal Medicine welcomes both referred and self-referred patients, allowing individuals to access expert consultation for their health concerns without the need for a referral.

Prevention is a cornerstone of our approach. Our Internal Medicine specialists prioritize preventive care, offering screenings, vaccinations, and lifestyle guidance to help patients maintain optimal health and prevent potential health issues.

Our specialists excel in managing chronic conditions, working closely with patients to develop comprehensive care plans for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and others, ensuring effective long-term management.

Absolutely. Our Internal Medicine specialists provide geriatric care, addressing the unique healthcare needs of older adults with a focus on promoting quality of life and managing age-related health concerns.

Coordinated care is a priority. Our Internal Medicine specialists collaborate with various specialties, ensuring seamless integration of services and comprehensive care plans for patients with complex health needs.

Yes, our Internal Medicine specialists provide travel health consultations, offering advice on vaccinations and preventive measures to ensure a healthy and safe travel experience.

Our Internal Medicine specialists offer a range of preventive screenings, including cancer screenings, cholesterol checks, and other health assessments, enabling early detection and intervention for potential health issues.

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