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Department of Plastic Surgery

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Department of Plastic Surgery

From conducting partial and full-thickness grafts to undertaking various reconstructive surgeries, the Plastic Surgery Department at Pulse Hospital, Indore, plays a crucial role in enhancing an individual’s physical appearance. Our center specializes in a range of procedures, including:

– Partial and full-thickness grafts
– Smile Train Project – Cleft lip and palate (free of cost)
– Rotation flap
– Microvascular free flaps
– Mandible reconstruction (bony) using titanium implants
– Dedicated flaps like PMMC/LD flaps nasolabial

Additionally, our experts excel in cosmetic surgeries such as:

– Breast augmentation
– Liposuction
– Tummy tuck
– Facelift
– Botox and fillers.

Why choose Pulse Hospital?

Our department features a highly skilled team of cosmetic surgeons specializing in cleft lip and palate surgeries. We conduct both basic and advanced plastic surgeries, including skin grafting, rotational flaps, and microvascular free flaps on-surgical procedures, especially in the head and neck. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, operating microscopes, and specialized instruments for advanced microsurgical reconstructions, our services encompass:

– Basic plastic surgical procedures
– Operating microscope/operating magnifying loupes
– Microvascular fine instruments and sutures
– Silicon implants for augmentation
– Titanium implants for reconstruction.

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Our expert plastic surgeons blend artistry with medical precision to provide personalized care, whether for aesthetic enhancements or reconstructive procedures, achieving natural and satisfying results.

From facial rejuvenation and body contouring to breast augmentation and non-surgical treatments, our plastic surgeons offer a range of aesthetic procedures designed to enhance and harmonize your natural beauty.

Absolutely. Our Department of Plastic Surgery welcomes consultations for cosmetic concerns. Our experienced plastic surgeons will discuss your goals, expectations, and personalized treatment plans to achieve the desired aesthetic results.

Our plastic surgeons specialize in reconstructive procedures to restore form and function following trauma, surgery, or congenital conditions, providing compassionate care and optimal outcomes for patients.

Breast reconstruction is a key focus. Our plastic surgeons collaborate with oncologists and other specialists to provide comprehensive breast reconstruction options for individuals who have undergone mastectomy.

Yes, our plastic surgeons offer consultations for non-surgical treatments, including injectables, fillers, and laser therapies, providing individuals with personalized plans to achieve subtle and natural-looking enhancements.

Patient safety is paramount. Our plastic surgeons adhere to the highest standards of safety, utilizing advanced techniques and technologies to ensure a secure and comfortable experience throughout aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.

For specific cases, our plastic surgeons provide consultations for children and adolescents, addressing congenital or developmental concerns, and collaborating closely with pediatric specialists for comprehensive care.

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