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Critical Care Unit

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Critical Care Unit

The center attends to critically ill patients dealing with ailments affecting multiple organ systems. Whether patients arrive with complex conditions or in emergencies, our team collaborates across various specialties, working closely together to achieve a shared objective: to save the lives of those who may seem beyond hope and those facing critical health challenges.

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We offer round-the-clock exceptional care for complex and critically ill patients, maintaining a superior work ethic. Our advanced facilities cater to the needs of such patients and include state-of-the-art equipment like touchscreen ventilators, multipara monitors with invasive monitoring capabilities, IABP, ECMO, and more. Additionally, our ICU features fully equipped rooms for both positive and negative isolation, ensuring comprehensive management of infectious patients.

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Our dedicated Critical Care team, consisting of highly skilled physicians and nurses, delivers immediate and intensive care, utilizing advanced technologies and protocols to ensure optimal outcomes during critical situations.

Our Critical Care Unit is equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies, including severe injuries, cardiac events, respiratory distress, and other critical conditions requiring intensive and immediate attention.

We understand the importance of support. Depending on the situation, our Critical Care Unit strives to accommodate and facilitate family presence, fostering a supportive environment during challenging times.

Patient comfort is a priority. Our team is trained to provide compassionate care while also utilizing advanced pain management techniques and monitoring to ensure the well-being and comfort of patients in critical conditions.

Patient safety is paramount. Our Critical Care Unit adheres to rigorous safety protocols, including continuous monitoring, infection control measures, and comprehensive medical oversight, ensuring the highest level of safety for all patients.

Our multidisciplinary approach involves collaboration with various specialties, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive care plan for each patient in the Critical Care Unit, addressing not only the immediate crisis but also underlying health conditions.

Communication is crucial. Our Critical Care team provides regular updates to family members, offering information on the patient’s condition, treatment plan, and any changes in their health status, fostering transparency and trust.

Compassionate end-of-life care is provided with sensitivity and respect. Our team collaborates with patients and their families to ensure that their wishes are honored, providing support and guidance during difficult decisions.

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